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Dubai is the most happening and ideal destination for travel and tourism. A sparkling, energetic, vivacious city with full of life and modernization everywhere. One of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it is the second largest emirate after capital Abu Dhabi. It is globally popular for its skyscrapers and high rise buildings. Each corner of Dubai has a cosmopolitan fragrance.

A journey to the History of Dubai

The majority of the ancient Dubai was trading centers between Eastern and Western worlds. In the 15th Century the Venetian pearl merchant Gaspero Balbi visited the area and mentioned about the pearling industry. People in this region used to worship Bajir prior introduction of Abrahamic religion Islam. In the first half of the 18th century, another occupation was at its peak. A tribe of people called Baniyas started the fishing culture and established it as a fishing village. Among all the options of earning, town's geographical locations continued to attract the traders and merchants globally. The Iranian traders and Arab and Persian settlers were welcomed in 1902 followed by the introduction of heavy taxes on Iran's Lingeh Port. In the early 20th century Oil was discovered in the territorial waters of Dubai. It further increased the economic growth of the city.

Places to Visit

To maintain the flow of foreign cash in the emirates, Dubai government has been successful to top the wish list of Tourist destination chart. Along with the most populous city of UAE every year Dubai is expected to attract more than 15 million tourists globally. There is so much to see and explore in this amazing city. Among the top 05 locations to visit, Burj Al Arab is famously known as the Tower of Arabs top the chart. It is world's only 7 star luxurious hotel which resembled a billowing sail with a height of 321 meters, which makes it the world's fourth tallest hotel.

The second most iconic symbol of Dubai is Burj Khalifa. It is world's tallest tower with the highest viewing platform and 124 levels. During the visit the visitors are being entertained by showcasing the exotic history of Dubai and making of Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Fountains is another eye-catching junction. It is the world's largest dancing fountain located at the base of Burj Khalifa. The fountain show is scheduled daily and it is beautified with 25 color projectors and over 6600 WET Superlights.

The forth royal destination is a man-made island situated on the Palm - The Atlantis Hotel. It is an eye catching 5 star luxurious resort.

The fifth and the last destination of the top 5 must visit is the Global Village. It is a cultural entertainment platform with electrifying live performances, mouth watering cuisines and a perfect place for the shoppers to experience international shopping.


Other places to visit

Exploring Dubai does not stop here. There is always a next option left for a tourist. Places like The Palm Island, Dubai creek, Dubai Marina, Ski Dubai and The Wild Wadi are among the amazing and attractive tourist destination for couples, family and kids.


Desert Safari

Desert Safari is a memorable desert ride and a highly recommended destination to explore and enjoy.

The Safari ride starts in the afternoon. It covers all starting from an Exciting Dune drive to the Camel Farm, Camel ride, Belly Dance show, The Sunset view, Delicious Cuisines and Shisha (The famous Arabic Water Pipe)


Connectivity and Transportation

The UAE government has made connectivity and transportation in Dubai very flexible for the tourist and local residents.

The Dubai International Airport has its own charm and sparkle and it is a hub for Emirates and Fly Dubai. The other mediums of public transport are Abra (small ferries with a capacity of 20 seater), Busses, Taxis and Metros.



Being a tourist hub all sorts of Fast Food, Chinese cuisines and South Asian food are widely available. But Arabic food has its own popularity across the city. Stuffed Camel, Al Harees, Falafel, Hummus, Ghuzi, Matchbous, Shawarma, Esh Asarya, Tabbouleh and Mehalabiya are the most prominent cuisines of Dubai.


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