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The world is so huge that it's very difficult to decide what all international destinations to travel in the course of a lifetime. From adventurous wildlife to spectacular cityscapes, from natural wonders to exclusive man-made masterpieces - the choices of travel itineraries are endless. In this blog, you will find details about ten economically priced travel itineraries which are must-visit and easy on your pocket.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Apart from having a number of popular casinos, Las Vegas is, indeed, a penny-pincher's delight. The many affordably-priced hotels, discounted coupons, and cheap or free transportation can make your trip economically sound.

Istanbul, Turkey

Spanning in two continents, Istanbul is a place where the amalgamation of myriad cultures exists. With countless crowd-pulling bazaars, where bargaining is an important task to do, it's a must visit spot. The city's amazing nightlife, cutting-edge fashion and arts - all are available to add an extra dose of fun and pleasure to your stay in the territory.

Bangkok, Thailand

This Asian city is known as a booming and bustling holiday spot, with its delicious and remarkably low-priced fresh food items. With the high quality and consistently cheap hotels and restaurant services of the capital, you will definitely explore it on a shoestring, while still enjoying its luxurious life.

Tulum, Mexico

Mexican culture, calming Caribbean waves, and warm breezes - all are enough to make this small beach community a very special tourist spot. Mexico offers a wide range of scrumptious and impressively inexpensive food dishes to its locals and tourists, alike. The plethora of eye-popping sights and views of the city are sure to leave you renewed and enchanted.

Hunan, China

A big network of fast and regular trains, superhighways, and a wide list of direct flights - it all makes Hunan as one of the most visited destinations in the country. Travelers can find everything within their reach- ranging from rich cultural attractions to fine and reasonably-priced food.

Austin, Texas

Austin offers a new world of free outdoor activities and a supply of classy hotels, even at the prices that come under $100. Being known as the "Live Music Capital of the World", the city includes an extensive variety of venues for music lovers. It is a home to many quality and inexpensive hotels.

Paris, France

There are lots of things that make this ‘City of Light' a much affordable travel destination. With the presence of a plenty of economically-priced one and two-star hotel buildings, you are sure to get world-class accommodation and dining amenities at best prices here in Paris.

New York City

You need to consider again if you think that the Big Apple is not within your budget. It is possible to find a large chain of well-priced hotels just a few steps away from the city's top sights. Most of the major attractions are free to explore here. To name a few the list includes- the elegant New York Public Library and the Smithsonian's Museum of the American Indian.

St. Barts, French West Indies

Rent a villa in this island, and cook your own meals to collect the memories of a wonderful trip. With amazingly beautiful, free public beaches, you are sure to fall in love with the nature's elegance. Visit this place during the official French sales seasons in order to enjoy the intensely low-cost products.


Known as an Indian Ocean Island, this former French colony epitomizes tropical bliss. Visitors head to the busy garment markets available in the coastline capital of Port Louis to know more about the local culture. The island is also famous for having a number of internationally acclaimed and reasonably-priced hotels and restaurants. The taste of local delicacy like Dholl Puri will leave you wanting more.

"From adventurous wildlife to spectacular cityscapes, from natural wonders to exclusive man-made masterpieces - the choices of travel itineraries are endless."

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