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Travel Tips - Safety Tips for Solo Woman Travelers
Mentioned below are some traveling tips for solo women travelers, who tend to explore the world alone, for leisure or professional needs.

Get Your Facts Right:

Few countries across the globe are very traditional, with conservative people. Though, many people, especially in the metro cities of such countries, have contemporary thinking, yet, it is better be safe, than sorry. Hence, it is consequential to adopt the dressing and behavior patterns of the natives. One must understand the living of the people too, to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Carry Yourself with Confidence:

Look, walk and talk confidently even if you are not feeling so. Lack of self-confidence may attract miscreants. If you have lost the way, take assistance from the staff of a decent outlet, instead of a stranger on the road.

Follow the Dressing Style of the Native Woman:

To avoid the glares of the hoodlums it is best to dress modestly in loose clothes. Dresses normally worn by you in your own country are not acceptable everywhere across the globe. Hence, the simple philosophy to follow here is "When in Rome, do what the Romans Do!"Carry few long scarves with you if you do not feel comfortable in traditional clothing of the place.

Travelling Alone at Night:

Most countries advise their citizens and tourists not to travel alone at night. If this is inevitable, prefer to book a cab through reputed cab hire service. Note the number of the cab you hire and inform the same to your acquaintances or friends in the vicinity of your destination. Do not travel in empty buses or take help and guidance from strangers.

Travel with a Companion when Possible:

You can always ask for local tourist guide arranged by your accommodation service. Your associate would not only be your guide, but he or she would also help avert troubles. Make sure you ask for a guide with proper registration number and valid credentials.

Long Distance Travelling:

Travel by air or by AC train coaches instead of getting adventurous and trying the sleeper class trains or buses. Many visitors wish to get the feel of the locales by using modest means of transport. Unfortunately, this is a precarious idea.

Carry a Mobile Phone at All Times:

Distribute your contact number among your acquaintances and be in constant touch with them when travelling alone. This can bail you out of perilous situations.

CarAvoid Direct Eye Contact and Don't Mix with Strangers:

Wrong body language may attract the fallacious lot. Refrain from being overly friendly with strangers and avoid direct eye contact or smiling at them. They may inadvertently get the wrong signals.

Choose the Right Accommodation:

Book your accommodation wisely. Remember cheap lodging options are alluring, but not safe.

Carry a legal-safety device:

Make a bottle of pepper spray a necessary item in your vanity case.

"There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Embrace the beauty of your solo journey."
Words by Alice Nash

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